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Welcome to Pip’s Island! A fun imaginary world, where you and your kids disconnect from technology and connect with each other!

There are very few things that surprise me anymore, but I must admit our recent trip to Pip’s Island left me presently surprised. From the moment you walk in you’re greeted by the friendly staff and transported to a world of wonder and discovery. Equipped with personalized explorer vests and led watches, You and your kids become explorers and assistant explorers on the quest with Pip and his friends to save the lighthouse. You’re asked to stop photography during the hour show, because it is a broadway type performance and honestly it was refreshing. As you walk into each room you find yourself in awe with the vibrant and dazzling set designs; honestly so beautiful. In each room our kids( the explorers ) met fun new characters who helped them complete tasks to continue on our quest. The kids we’re engaged excited and inspired using their imagination and skills to complete their mission. The staff made the parents laugh and feel included as well, from including us in the challenges or joining a Conga line I had a smile the whole time. I loved being able to disconnect from my phone and connect with my daughter and nephew, their smiles made it all worth while. I can’t wait to go back and honestly recommend this for the kids in your life. Conveniently located near Times Square, they have several show times available. Make sure to take a trip to Pip’s Island and get ready for a memorable time. Book your tickets now!!! you don’t want to miss this one!

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