The Power Of Intention

Ever since I was little I knew about the power of intention, without knowing what it truly meant. My dad taught me about the power of prayer, which is faith in knowing. As i grew older if i wanted something bad enough I would attract it. However our limiting beliefs begin to shift our mindset, and life can become a series of stressful situations if we allow it. Around 7 years ago I came across a book that changed my life, the magic. For years the secret swept across the world spreading the message of gratitude, and how your the power of gratitude could change your life. Going back to my childhood, where I would pray giving thanks for the many things I had to be grateful for. I began a daily list on paper of the things I did have in my life, and that’s started a powerful shift for me. I began seeing changes in myself and relationships around me, I began attracting so many things. For example, fashion has always been a passion of mine; though after starting my family I made many excuses as to why I couldn’t work in that field anymore. One day while scrolling on Facebook a friend of mine was posting how overwhelmed she was during fashion week, I simply commented “If you need any help let me know” and just like that she emails me several high end fashion shows that I would blog about. I had to pinch myself, was this really happening? I attended several shows that season, and my writing was posted on their fashion magazine. That led me to work with a couture fashion magazine and work with some amazing people, Including working at a Versace event. These are memories I’ll never forget and remind myself when I doubt the real ness of the power of intention.

Now I know what you’re thinking, I was lucky or it’s because I know people; but honestly it was because I took chances and stepped out of comfort zones. I believed in my dreams and put it out there that I wanted to be there, and they saw my desire. Years later and lots of life in between I found myself in a place where I felt lost, I didnt feel like myself. Furthermore I didnt know who I was. I started working on myself and healed my trauma that was blocking blessings from coming into my life. What you think, listen to, eat, drink and feel truly does become your reality. I started teaching myself how to believe in myself again; meditating and surrendering the need to over think and stress. That simple step was big enough to shift my life once again. Years later I asked myself what I like, what brings me joy? I began reaching out to certain art events, I would write reviews on their events in return for tickets. Yet again it took me to take a chance, this led to me having some amazing experiences and meeting great people. You see, it’s not hard; we just make everything so hard when it’s not. It’s easy to be angry and bitter at life, because so many factors make us feel that way. But that’s the key, we can choose the things we focus on, we can choose the people around us and the job we have. One day, I was leaving my house and needed to buy some things I didnt have enough money for those things but I set it out in my mind that I would attract it. I kid you not!!! As I’m walking down the street I see a wad of cash on the floor, Another man saw it at the same time so we split it. He hands me $400!!!! I’m elated! It was not luck, it was my intentions. The other day i set my intentions to have a beautiful day that brought me joy, in return My husband and I bumped into a kind woman who worked for Lincoln car company. She asks us if we wanted a ride in a new Lincoln car for free, I’m like yea sure! She then hands us free hats, scarves, and hand warmers; that alone brought me joy. She gives us a ride to our next destination and hands us both $25 American Express gift cards. The amount of things to become grateful for increases when you show your gratitude. Every time I stopped chasing money in my life, and started pursuing passion the universe rewarded me. One day I started naming all the places I had traveled to, the friendships I’ve had, the love I’ve felt, the money I’ve had, the opportunities that came my way and I was truly amazed; similar to the character George Bailey from Its A Wonderful Life, I truly have had a wonderful life. Once I started filling my life with things that brought me peace and joy, once I started giving gratitude daily, once I started believing in myself, once I started choosing carefully what I listened to the world became a different place to live. The mind is a powerful thing, and it can lead you down a dark path or to your wildest dreams. I want to make a suggestion to you, if you find yourself at a point where you want change; start your day with intentions. Stand in the shower and as the water washes over you set the mood for the day you want to have in detail, do the same as you go to bed. Make your focus what you want, not what you don’t want. There’s so many tools out there for us, some of these things I’ve had to learn on my own but somehow have found it’s way to my life because I truly desired it. Meditation is a must, daily at least 15 minutes will reset your mind to be clear and your body will thank you. You can choose different guided meditations on YouTube that will help you in the area of your life you want to improve. Transformational books like Napoleon Hills ‘ Think and grow rich’ will change your life! YouTube has a full audio book of it, so that’s also free and doable. Working out is a must! Even if it’s walking outside for 30 minutes (which is also free), treating our bodies with gratitude in return will give us the energy to accomplish our goals. It’s all linked together, mind body and soul. Like a well oiled machine finding balance will have you attracting the life of your dreams. I’ve seen my life when I was complaining and miserable and I cant go back to that way of thinking, because I’ve also seen the power of intention and gratitude. We’re so powerful, when we believe it the universe shows us. In this new year even if it’s one goal, see it, believe it, and do it! One day at a time, be patient be kind to yourself and see what you’re capable of.

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