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The Museum Of Ice Cream NYC

After such a grueling winter, and with spring right around the corner my need to be outside seems to be growing. With my hand sanitizer on deck, my pink mask on and my camera ready, I headed downtown to check out the instagram famous Museum of Ice Cream. I was weary about booking a weekend afternoon, but to my surprise there wasn’t much of a line. Dolled up in my favorite pink velour suit, I was totally monochromatic to the pink themed rooms. The staff is super friendly and though some areas are off limits due to covid measures, you were able to explore the rooms leisurely. There’s about 8 different themed areas available, including their famous pink train car room and sprinkle Pool. This pop up is definitely geared more towards picture living enthusiast like myself, with the use of your imagination you could get some really cool footage. As I get more comfortable in front of the camera, I’m able to have more fun by trying new poses. You even get free ice cream in a couple of the rooms. For a cool $40 you could head out the house and spend a couple hours living your best top model life. Check out some fierce photos here or head over to my Instagram (@themariacomplex) for more! Definitely worth the trip!!!

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