The Maria Complex Presents: Incredible Women

One of the many reasons I started my platform was to help motivate and inspire others. In honor of Women’s History Month, I wanted to feature some amazing & impactful Women in my life. These women have helped inspire me and countless others in many ways, with their success, their art, & endless words of encouragement. There’s something so magical about women supporting women, an energy that comes from it that makes you feel supported. It truly does take a tribe, and here’s an introduction to some of my incredible tribe.

During a tour of an art exhibit a couple years ago, I met the charming @fvdgenaste97. Her passionate energy felt as she explained her work, there was an instant bond and my admiration for her has grown ever since. She was not only someone I admired but also became a friend, and a source of calm energy especially during such uncertain times. Watching her put so much effort and love into her business has been so inspiring. In her own words, here’s a little bit more of her story; make sure you check her out!!!

“My name is FVDGE NASTE 97 I am an Artist & Holistic Leader/Healer. I started doing healing work in the beginning of COVID because like most people at the time I felt called to step into my purpose. I was very resistant but the thug life chose me. Only real Spiritual Gangstas know that feeling where you’ve been a healer alllll your life but finally chose to claim that, step out of the closet and be seen !

My mission with my life is to heal myself, my previous generations, and usher healing into my community. I do this through my brand @ghettoheavenyc . Ghetto Heaven is a holistic lifestyle brand that serves black, brown and spiritually aligned people in healing their Soul, Mind, and Body. Making healing a fly ass lifestyle and revolutionizing the look of a herbalist, therapist or yoga instructor into your everyday person because we are creators and healers and all have medicine to share ! I’m currently working on Hood Yoga classes for the summer and healing experiences that is really going to uplift our vibrations in these times !”

NYC based Blogger and Podcast Host, Advocate for Empowement and Mental Health Awareness

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