The Maria Complex Presents: Incredible Women

I met my this Incredible Woman while working in the Aviation industry. With her infectious smile and bubbly spirit we instantly bonded. I listened to her many business stories with awe, as an Afro Latina myself it’s so inspiring to see someone like me impact the world around them. When they talk about Boss Babes she embodies that title; with pose and strength she finds new ways to break glass ceiling’s, in areas where in the past only men were thought to prevail. Meet Hasina Letellier, Founder and CEO of HALE Alliance Consulting Co. She has hit the ground running to make her new social, business venture a success – on multiple Continents.

HALE Alliance was established to provide cross-cultural opportunities for minority S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, art and math) professionals–independent contractors, entrepreneurs, academics and others– in the United States, the Caribbean and Africa. Her humanitarian work for the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian was outstanding, raising awareness and aide to those in need.

“The goal of HALE Alliance is to bring some of the greatest minds in Africa and the Diaspora together to help solve some of the infrastructural and developmental challenges faced in emerging countries therein through the use of the technology, sciences and art,” stated Hasina, Founder and CEO.

As a woman of African Ancestry and a child of the African Diaspora, achieving this vision was very important, shared Hasina, whose family is of Haitian, Cuban and Dominicandescent. 

To learn more about HALE Alliance or to inquire about participating in any of their current or future projects, please visit: @halealliance across social media platforms or email


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