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The Confetti Project’s Mental Health Awareness Series: What do you celebrate?

About a year my journey of embracing my mental health, starting therapy and medication began. Putting down my guards and embracing my healing, allowed me to step out of my comfort zone. I tried to start showing this transparency on my social media accounts and the response was amazing. One of the motivational accounts I follow (@shinetext) and love reached out to me. I was shocked they even noticed me, let alone admitting to love my account. They invited to me a breakfast they were having to launch their mental health awareness campaign.

Something happens when you shift your mindset from victim to survivor, from negative to positive, you attract a whole new tribe. I honestly was just thrilled to be invited, I had no idea I would have my picture taken. The beautiful thing about this campaign was it was one of the first outings since my mental health diagnosis, and they partnered with the amazing photographer Jelena Aleksich. She uses confetti for her shoots, something I’ve never even thought of using to describe my emotions before. She asked me what word would I use to describe my emotion at the moment and I said empowered. The year before had been one of the hardest for me to overcome and even being there I felt empowered. The picture she took became the picture to start my own campaign of empowerment launching my blog and podcast. That day changed me.

One year later, I see on Jelena’s photography page (@the_confetti_project) a campaign that was starting and if you applied you might get the chance for a private shoot with her and your story shared on her site. I knew I had to do it. Once you shoot with her you’re gonna come back for more. It’s liberating and healing to share your story, as painful or embarrassing as it may be. You never know who needs to hear your story, that they too can overcome, that you’re not alone. She lets me know I won and I leaped for joy! One year later my life transformed and this was the best way to celebrate my triumphs. Her studio is warm, and happy. She embraces you with such amazing spirit, and is genuinely interested in hearing what inspires you. Now there’s a few things that struck me about her choosing me for this campaign. One, how much my life changed in a year for the better. At a point where I once felt broken I now felt whole. Two, it was for her mental health awareness series which is huge for me. I was diagnosed with severe ptsd and depression the year before and I fought so hard for my healing. The shoot was being done in mental health awareness month as well. And lastly, we shot on Mother’s Day. Being a mother after losing my mother has shaped me incredibly.

My kids are everything to me, they’ve literally saved my life. Whenever I felt like I couldn’t take it anymore they just kept me going, I felt like I couldn’t do what my mother did and give up. The entry for the contest was not only me sharing my domestic violence story which led to my breakdown; or my mental health journey, but it was how I’ve overcome so much and now feel capable of living in peace and feel so much gratitude to still be here. As I posed for each photo, the confetti falling all around me; I felt an emotion I hadnt felt in a long time. Freedom. Sharing my story, of me experiencing some of the most painful memories became a catalyst for true growth. Thank you Jelena for this wonderful opportunity, I will never forget it.

I celebrate: overcoming pain, life, loss, birth, death. Becoming the version of myself i am now. Embracing challenges with transparency. Loving myself fully.

For booking info contact @the_confetti_project

NYC based Blogger and Podcast Host, Advocate for Empowement and Mental Health Awareness

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