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That feeling when your voice is heard and respected. How I felt being selected to be a part of HBO The Inspiration Room.

When you have a traumatic experience your whole body goes into shock, you feel ripped to your core. Trying to get the pieces back together, you learn how to formulate words properly again. For me writing became a form of therapy, of empowerment. I realized that thru our struggles we tend to isolate ourselves, thinking that no one understands or cares. It took me a long time to share my story, and it was only one chapter but it was something relatable to so many. I took steps outside my comfort zone to help transform my life and my way of thinking. Sometimes I got a lot of no’s leaving me a little defeated, but something always told me to keep going. My dad used to say ” Let the little fish go, and wait for the BIG fish”. I saw an HBO Ad for a writing contest and decided to share one of my life stories with them, a very personal one. I actually forgot i entered since I had recently been rejected from a few projects, I never lost the hope that what is mine will be. This week I received the confirmation that my entry had in fact been approved to be a part of their exhibit. A collection of real life diaries and stories of Women from the 1800’s to present day, on display at 399 Lafayette st, NY NY from 11-4 the week of March18-24. I was floored! My entry was accepted! On such a platform!!! It’s HBO! I realized that I am on the right path, that my hard work was worth it and that I must keep going.

As I walked into the cozy room full of light, I was overwhelmed by the energy of the words filling the room. My words as well as others displayed on books opened on walls for all to see, how vulnerable. And yet how empowering and humbling, so many different stories from so many brave women. For me it was cathartic as if it was intended as a part of my healing process, as I walked out I looked up and saw a sign that read ” KEEP GROWING ” and I knew that my work has only begun. Thank you HBO for this opportunity and for being a part of my journey. If I could recommend anything it would be to share your stories, as personal as they may be it may help others as well as help heal your own wounds. We stand stronger united.

NYC based Blogger and Podcast Host, Advocate for Empowement and Mental Health Awareness

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