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Shine X The Confetti Project, “all the feels” Breakfast.

Life has a funny way of lining things up for you when you’re in need to receive them. This year has been a struggle for me, battling severe depression and anxiety I focused on embracing all my emotions and healing my scars. The transformation was not over night, many days of staying in bed and not feeling good enough to go on. But something beautiful happens when you choose to embrace those not so nice emotions, its as though you give yourself a hug and say “its ok you’ll get thru this”. Surrounding myself with positive messages and people I came across the Shine App, I highly recommend downloading or signing up for their daily texts. Its an awesome App that focuses on the realities of life and how to maintain a positive outlook on your day. What I loved about this app was the morning reminders that I set ( you can set it for any time of day, but I prefer them in the morning). Each day I felt stronger, even if it was by crying and releasing any pain I felt, or even doing my hair and nails. My social media platforms started to reflect this new found energy and focus I started to feel, a positive driven and aware Woman who thrives in the face of defeat.

In April, I received a surprising message from someone from the Shine App who happened to be following my instagram account. I of course was shocked because I was such a fan of this App and felt like the synchronicity of my life was really in motion. She mentioned to me that she loved my account and wanted me to be a part of a special confetti breakfast coming up called “All the feels”, focusing on mental health. Can you imagine how great that felt? for months I had worked on myself more than ever before, I believed that my life was worth fighting for and that I needed to step out of my comfort zone and start doing things that brought me joy. Greeted at the door with mimosas and smiles I placed a name tag on with the word empowered on it, which represented the emotion I felt right there.

Shine partnered with The Confetti Project for the “All the feels” campaign, as you entered their headquarters a full spectrum of emotions surrounded you and you no longer felt so alone in your thoughts. Several people from all walks of life were photographed in a fun confetti shoot, sharing the one word they felt described their feeling at the time. The founders from Shine described the mission for this campaign and how important they felt it was to embrace all the feels, and realizing its ok to embrace the lows as well. We don’t have to strive to be happy everyday, that pressure is so intense sometimes it makes us depressed to even measure to those standards. As if the mimosas weren’t enough, we were each photographed for our own confetti photo; releasing our fears and embracing the feels. Thanks again to the staff at Shine for choosing me to be a part of a day I’ll never forget.

NYC based Blogger and Podcast Host, Advocate for Empowement and Mental Health Awareness

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