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Refinery29’s Immersive Art Exhibit: 29rooms

The next-generation women’s media company Refinery29, once again created a cultural, engaging experience with their highly anticipated Interactive Art Exhibit, 29rooms. Honestly I don’t know where to begin, ok lets start at the line which wrapped around the block; it moved fast so I was happy. You enter an enormous rave-like warehouse, that I personally have walked right next to before and had no idea how huge it was. Anway, thanks to the advice of others who have been before me I had to have a plan of attack before entering. I went on a weekend, which is dumb but hey thats the day I had available that week. Have a list of the rooms you want to definitely explore first, because time flies and lines are long. Its honestly like an art-food-music bizarre, from the good food and booze, to a blind folded sensory room, a zodiac cave and even a House Of Yes dance party; theres never a dull moment. It was bold, provocative and fun; I honestly took like seven million pics, each one better than the last. The price was totally decent for the experience, I would suggest getting the weekend pass because theres no way to see all the rooms in one day. I highly suggest checking it out.

The exhibition, located at 588 Baltic Street in Brooklyn, is open from September 6th to 9th and September 13th to 16th, from 11 a.m. – 10 p.m. 

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