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Meta • Morph • O, Sis: Author Evelyn Caree’s touching poetry book.

Evelyn Carree is the author of the poetry book Meta • Morph • O, Sis. Her poetry was initially within the pages of her journal which acted as a confidant to her each day. Writing was her way of understanding her deepest emotions and learning to accept her reality as a rape survivor. Today, she lives to bring light around the conversation of Sexual Violence and hopes to connect with survivors around the world.
Evelyn Carree was raised by a single mother with 4 brothers in Arlington, TX. Many obstacles approached her throughout her youth. Art became a vessel of healing, a place of refuge; this place was composed of painting, sketching, music, and writing. As she approached her young adult years, she became distant from art and more connected with irrelevant externalities. She found herself in a relationship which left her abused, broken, and disconnected with herself. With hopes to reignite self-love and self-awareness, she returned to the places which brought her peace: the artistic world. Through her journey of self-discovery, she also developed a practice of meditation and yoga, which she claims as her foundation of peace, joy, and healing. Today, she credits her growth to her mother’s example as a perservering woman. Today, she hopes to send light and love to all.
Reading this book touched me as a survivor of abuse, her words leaped off the pages and into my heart. Giving me a sense of peace and empowerment. Most survivors of abuse face such shame and criticism, so to expose ourselves in such a vulnerable serves as an inspiration to others as well as ourselves. Thank you Evelyn for sharing such a painful yet beautiful side of yourself, it was healing for me to read as well. If you’re a survivor of an abusive relationship this is a must read for you, available on Amazon.

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