Manifesting Your Best Life

Most people live their lives led by fear, people naturally feel disappointed when things don’t go their way, they then blame the fact that maybe they jinxed it and shared with someone else and that’s why it didn’t work out. That’s not it, but we’re so used to projecting our insecurities on others so we don’t realize it. You hear people talk about manifesting everyday, and it sounds crazy. In order for you to manifest you have to believe, you have to see yourself accomplishing it. This requires more faith in oneself than most people have, it all comes back to those limiting beliefs that keep us trapped behind walls of fear. The truth is you didn’t believe in what you ask of, sometimes it’s not the time for us to receive what we ask for. Everything happens in divine timing, not when we want it, because we may not be able to appreciate it. For example, when I was younger I had a great paying job, I wasted money frivolously and never saved much. Shortly after I left that job and my responsibilities grew and as quickly as I gained it I lost it all. And this happened several times in my life, it wasn’t until recently that I truly saw why things seemed to happen to me. The reality that time truly shows you all you ask to see, it works in its own frequency oftentimes confusing us. Some of may not believe we deserve the things we ask for, you may say you love yourself but do you really? Do you say limiting beliefs to yourself everyday? And then expect others to love you when you don’t love yourself? I used to say that people who worked out didn’t love themselves as is, until I realized all that comes with working out. Not only is it about a clothing size you desire to be, but it’s chemically responsible for relieving stress. When you’re in that gym you’re focused on you, your body, you release frustrations. As you get more fit you start to gain energy, waking up becomes less dreary. Your skin becomes clearer and you start to become more social, you don’t tear yourself down when looking in the mirror. Now I’m not saying people that workout don’t have limiting beliefs, because I feel we all do but I will say that I felt much happier when I was working out regularly. You can also fall off working out, I know I did; and that can be because of being busy or because you enter depression. And that’s ok!! It happens, but you have the ability to get started whenever you truly want to. For me at the beginning of each year, I feel a surge of desire to do more with my life. What ends up happening is everything I wanted to do is not executed, because most day to day habits have not changed. You get comfortable in your situations sometimes, even if you want more you lack the energy to do anything to accomplish those goals. So what can you do to change this pattern? Change the routine, add something to your morning ritual that can bring you peace to start your day; such as working out, meditating, to do list. Change your diet, let’s face it we know we shouldn’t be eating crap everyday; and we no longer can use the excuse that junk food is cheaper cause frankly it’s not. Even if its eating a vegetable with dinner, or drinking more water. It’s little steps that makes the difference, and it adds up over time. Be conscious that the better we treat our body, the more well be able to accomplish. Stop with the limiting beliefs already! That ego is tricky man, and it always sneaks in your ear a little whisper of doubt. “You can’t do that! You can’t afford that! That’s too hard! You aren’t good enough !” When you catch your ego telling you one of it’s lies; because it’s there to protect us from hurting, tell it you’re ok, you’re safe and usually you will find yourself feeling better. Try to go a day without complaining, start your day with a gratitude list. Whenever you find yourself saying something negative combat it by saying something positive. I know all this sounds silly to some, but I promise you it works. For years I was miserable, I cancelled out my own blessings all because of my attitude. When you change your mindset you change the way you look at the world around you. You realize that everything does happen for a reason, you realize the power of your thoughts and how your intentions really do matter. So do you really want the life of your dreams? To start that business? Own that home? Take that trip? Start today! Little steps that will lead to the bigger picture. Believe that what’s yours will be yours, and that you’re the only one in your way.

NYC based Blogger and Podcast Host, Advocate for Empowement and Mental Health Awareness

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