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Interactive Pop-Up Exhibits, why can’t I get enough of them ?

This year an influx of interactive art exhibits and pop-ups came into the scene. As the number of “influencers” and instagrammable moments grew so did the FOMO (fear of missing out). Pop-ups became a craze, everybody and their mom posting pics in their best pose. Some people make it seem like these events are exclusive but most are not, I myself found myself at so many of these events, and realized how addicting, fun and annoying they are. I used to always want to be included in things, invited, and often times felt left out so I get how that FOMO can get overwhelming and makes you feel depressed. As someone whose loved art, music and fashion my whole life I decided to follow certain accounts who focused on this and found myself in this whole new world, a world i created based on my passions.

I started to RSVP to these events on Eventbrite; one of my favorite apps for looking for things to do in your city, also DoNYC another favorite of mine. As a mom and women in her 30s finding joy in things seems harder, finding myself became my mission and surrounding myself around like minded people was a must. I started taking pictures of these events and that became a passion as well, developing myself in photography and modeling. My confidence grew and I began to network with really amazing people. Once I started blogging, I got such great feedback and was invited to some of these events as press and review them and realized ok, I can do this.

Some things you may find annoying are the lines of people waiting to take the same pics and post them online, you feel robotic at times and I hate that feeling of everyone doing the same thing, but I had to remind myself I was doing this because I truly love Art, I love photography and I love the beauty i see and feel when I’m at these places. Honestly going to these events is just a fun, different thing to do that makes you smile and let your hair down for a while. Each of these events offered similar things but they all stood out in different ways, some revolved beauty and fashion, others interactive art. Because social media is so huge now I don’t see them going anywhere, but Im hoping they become less repetitive in style. They all have ball pits and you pose like were having so much fun but sometimes its like ok been there saw that, and it takes away from the experience. I would suggest if you feel like your’e missing out go on Eventbrite or even Instagram and look up pop-ups theres always a ton.

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