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It was all a dream…A glimpse into the Dream Machine Interactive Experience.

Pop-Ups were all the rage this year, a great marketing idea and also entertaining as well. Located in one of my favorite neighborhoods of Brooklyn; mainly because my favorite chicken and waffles restaurants Sweet Chic is up the block. A great escape from reality for my fellow Mommy friend and I, we were able to just disconnect and let our inner super model loose. Inspired by Refinery 29 and their 29 rooms exhibit, Founders Gary Johnson and Paige Solomon truly created a Dream-like immersive experience. Lose your head in the clouds, swim in a sea blue ball pit, indulge on some cotton candy as you pose in the laundry room (that also contains a secret door that leads you into a Yayoi Kusama inspired infinity room). Tap into your inner Naomi Campbell on a neon runway, or lose yourself in the psychedelic rainforest; Basically selfies for days. Honestly so much fun, so creative and great design by the crew who also take pictures for you.

The Exhibit is open Thursday, April 5th- Thursday, May 31, at 93 N 9th Street, Brooklyn,N.Y. Tickets are on sale for $38 at

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