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Escher, The Exhibition & Experience

Making its highly anticipated debut in Industry City from June 8, 2018 until February 3rd, 2019, Brooklyn welcomes the largest exhibition with over 200 works by the iconic M.C Escher. The Dutch Artist broadens the imaginations of art lovers both young and old, connecting science, nature and aesthetic beauty. This interactive exhibit was by far one of my favorites, and I found myself lost in the art for hours, including one of his most famous works Metamorphosis and Hand with Reflecting Sphere. I felt a part of the art in the immersive photo booths, larger than life in the relativity room and took selfies forever in the infinity room. I loved how quiet the exhibition was, I was able to take my time, to read, listen and experience each section at my own leisure. This Exhibit is well worth it, whether you’re an art lover or student you’ll leave feeling inspired.

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