Welcome to my World!

Hello! My name is Maria Bloem, I’m a Mother, Wife, Blogger and Podcast Host based out of NYC. For years now I’ve wanted to start my own blog, a platform where I can express my views and a glimpse into my world, because honestly my life has been a movie. We are our biggest critic, will it ever be good enough? What do I have to offer when theres so many doing the same? On the pursuit of happiness I discovered that each of our voices are unique, each thumbprint is different. I’m no longer this 20 something know it all, I’m a 30 something year old Mom. Its hard to not doubt and compare yourself to the younger crowd of well to do artsy know it alls.  I took the non traditional route of being a mom, dropping out of schools several times trying to balance it all. When I was younger I saw things differently, I had a tough childhood (who didn’t?) and basically knew too much too soon but that wasn’t enough for what life had in store for me. A lot of humble pie, a lot of soul searching, all of this made me who I am today. A story worth sharing,  a voice worth hearing.

It took me a long time to find my place but sometimes you have to create one. Many of us yearn to find our niche in life, to be unique, to be special. Its actually not that hard, you are original your story is different. My point for this blog, is not only as a venting platform for me but to connect with others. To make others feel less lonely or less different because we share so many of the same emotions and experiences . For years I’ve searched for my passion in life, what could bring me joy, what is my purpose? As women, we have the tendency to compete with each other, compare ourselves to the point of exhaustion and defeat. After years of searching for myself I’ve finally reached a point of acceptance, focusing on fixing past traumas and filling my own voids instead of placing that responsibility in the hands of others. On this page I’ll share my thoughts, experiences, things that inspire me; and show a glimpse of my truest self. I hope it inspires you as well.