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A.Human: Simon Huck’s Sci-Fi Fashion Show

Of all the events I’ve been invited to this one definitely stands out in my mind the most. Enter into the futuristic mind of Marketing Executive Simon Huck, close friend to the Kardashians who also created one of a kind prothetic choker piece for Kim Kardashian. His realistic take on futuristic body modifications, where immersive theater actors model for hours in prosthetic fashion pieces; such as horned feet and webbed hands. A mixture of underwater life and outer space; It’s as though The Little Mermaid got lost in space and tumbled into an evil scientists layer. Yea its a lot but its also very edgy and different and I like how you were allowed to think out of the box, or in this case saw a beating heart in a box. Similar to how the creators of The Jetsons saw life being in the year 2000, this Sci-Fi fashion show is ahead of its time. Thank you for having me. Looking forward to your next event.

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