90’s fashion brand L.A Gear comes back strong with fresh Forever 21 SS 2018 collection.

As an 80’s baby seeing the return of the 90’s trend is so nostalgic and comforting. After a long dreadful Winter, I welcome the bright colors and bold patterns of the L.A Gear Forever 21 collection. I love their unisex pieces, I love how sexy I can feel without having to reveal too much. I recently lost like 30lbs so I was ready for a little shopping spree to show off my new bod. After adding almost every item from the collection to my shopping cart, I narrowed it down to my three favorite purchases. These cute black biker shorts with the L.A Gear logo up the leg, a retro inspired neon yellow hot pink windbreaker, and an electric blue crop top. Throw on a cute fanny pack and you’re ready for your Saved By The Bell Reunion at The Max. Snagged a 30% off coupon bringing the total under $50 for all three pieces, score! I could’ve probably found similar pieces at a thrift shop for relatively the same price, but hey time is of the essence and it was still a great find. I welcome back these 90’s trends with open arms.

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