80’s style swimsuit trend for Summer 2018

There’s certain 80s trends I would love to leave in the past, bathing suits however are not one of those. After losing 30 plus pounds I felt a surge of confidence and empowerment; the perfect time to revamp my swimsuit collection and head to the Beach. I found a super boutique on Instagram called Pinkness Co. One of the many things to catch my eye was their metallic mermaid teal one piece with the words GlOWED UP printed on the front, perfectly describing how I feel. Channeling the well-recognized red Baywatch suit , the high-cut bottom hikes things way up to your hips to bare it all. Reasonably priced for $36, fashionably paired with their gold hoops and their spring transparent tote with a cute bamboo handle. Throw on some retro shades and I’m ready to slayyyy this Summer.

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